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These last few months L94 has been an absolute God-send

By 26/12/2014April 13th, 2017No Comments

The hot weather in March, then the dry and followed by the torrential rains meant grass growth has been all over the place.

Speed to bloom changes the hormone activity of grass and free nitrogen levels have been causing a huge number of cases of small and large vessel vasculitis and a lot of lymphatic problems resulting in all manner of odemas, skin disorders and laminitis etc.

Throughout this peculiar time, L94 has kept coming to the rescue and consequently we have made record amounts these last few months. You could formulate something like it a hundred times with all the experts and it would not be so successful as L94, we know we have tried to.

We are the current caretakers of the formula it will go on helping horses long after we are gone, so we take great care to ensure that it is always blended properly and can always be relied upon.

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