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Three short months ago Cracker…

By 27/11/2014April 13th, 2017No Comments

Three short months ago Cracker, a young warm blood bought for good money, came to a Client’s yard. He was a very nice horse, looked good and had been produced by professionals. When he arrived he was put on a diet of horsehage, some chop, EquiNourish and as it was felt he could do with just a little more condition and he was going to start dressage qualifications straight away a mugful or so of Goldenmeal was also fed.

If you see him now and compare him with the photo of the day he arrives the change is astounding for not only has he changed colour so has his whole presence, everyone who see’s him, even non-horse people,e have to say Wow!

Thank goodness he was only fed a proprietary balancer pellet before he was sold, if he was like he is now just 90 days later they would have asked for a great deal more money and surely got it.

Not that they would have listened if someone had told them about EquiNourish any rate, it would be reminiscent of the cartoon that depicts a King in armour sitting despairingly outside his tent when all around a medieval battle is raging and he is shouting at his servant,

“Servant! Can’t anyone see there is a war on?”

Standing a little way off is a neatly dressed young squire by a pile of wooden boxes marked ACME MACHINE GUNS!

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