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Horse Health

Tips for Success Feeding

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This following basic ration will do excellently

For Maintenance Plus;

  1. Hay to appetite making sure there is a little left in the morning if not out to grass.

    2. Sufficient forage chop to act as a vehicle to bulk out the bucket feed, the actual analysis is not important as you are only feeding a small quantity, make sure it smells nice and not musty

    3.       Dehydrated grass (GrazeOn or Readigrass) about a kg per day

    4.       EQUINOURISH at about 75ml per day

    5.       A spoonful of WESTERN SALTS in summer and in winter if inclined to sweat other than that H29 in winter.


For Maintenance & Light work;

  • GOLDENMEAL at about 400 to 600g per day
  • Flaked maize (preferably steamed if you can get it) at about 0.5Kg twice per day. If introducing a carbohydrate source for the first time feed a handful of Jumbo Porridge Oats in each feed for the first week

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