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Ulcers are the tip of the iceberg

By 16/02/2015April 13th, 20172 Comments


For relieving pain, discomfort caused by acidic matter in the stomach U33 is wonderful, it seems to remove the irritating effects of acids in a better way than alkaline preparations.

We could right a book on U33 but we promise we won’t! Ulcers are the tip of the iceberg.  For a horse to have ulcers many mal-functions have to happen before they are actually present, they are some way down the list of catastrophes.

Feed U33 to horses that you know have a history of ulcers and are very likely to have them again. U33 will stop them occurring and it helps so much with many of the problems that lead to their occurrence and it quickly relieves those horses that are diagnosed with them.

There is a lot to U33, if there was one helpful remedy you were able to take with your regular feed ration for your horse to a desert island it would be U33 – The Black Mixture (Le Mélange Noir). Please excuse the French, being from the Channel Islands nearly every name is in French. U33 is unmistakably black, we have at last found a unique way of getting out the lumps that used to appear in the past and in doing so it has got even darker, we say the blacker the better accept no substitute if it is not black!

U33 is just the original code (U for Ulcer) used when the formula was first embarked upon but even that has a strange connotation for it was from U33 that an Enigma machine was bravely salvaged to send to Bletchley Park to help in the battle of the Atlantic.

U33 has a profound effect on preventing stress causing intestinal ulcers, both from a pituitary angle and from the point of view of free radical damage.  Nevertheless if your horse or pony has been diagnosed with ulcers then obviously you will feed the antacids and other drugs provided by your veterinarian which will help put things right, indeed such a course of action is always recommended. If however circumstances are such as to not make this possible, medical treatment is unsuccessful, or the problem returns after treatment feed U33 as the reasons for the ulcers may worth addressing.

U33 is usually fed at around 25ml twice a day, more can be fed to effect immediate relief but this feedrate for a TB type horse is usually adequate. U33 may be drenched dissolving it in a little extra water if necessary but it is not unpleasant indeed many horses like it so it can usually be mixed into the regular bucket feed.

You can feed U33 for as long as you like it is not a medicine but a health support, the whole make up of U33 is to do with health and rejuvenation and protection and because of these fundamental qualities ulcers are not part of the equation.



  • Emma says:

    I currently feed Pip Lethicthi. 50 for her long term glandular ulcers, is this still the best treatment or is U33 a better option?
    Many thanks

    • Trinity Consultants says:

      Hi Emma
      U33 is more of a digestive prophylactic in reducing the threat of possible digestive disturbance which in turn leads to ulceration and inflammation.
      Lecithin 50 offers that same protection whilst benefiting the horse in a number of other ways such as improvement of stamina and speed of recovery, movement and equalization of fats, improved metabolic function and increased mental reception and sensibility.
      If more concentration is specifically needed towards ulceration and the healing of then feeding Peptonil or Peptonil LE (lecithin enhanced) would be the best option.

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