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Western Salts – The Original Conditioner Mineral

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It is 60 years since the 15th August 1952 when in 24 hours the greater part of Exmoor experienced up to 8 inches of rain and Longstone Barrow above Lynmouth received 9 inches (230mm) which resulted in dreadful loss of life.

Until then at Watersmeet on the way down to Lynmouth was the Lynrock Mineral Water Co factory, all that remains of it now is the outline of its foundations, it produced a unique natural water “Clean and invigorating” so much so that it was sent as far as Boston Massachusetts where it achieved acclaim for helping dispel dyspepsia, bronchial and gastric catarrh and dropsy.

It was bottled from a single tiny spring at the base of a thousand feet of rock and carried a solution of magnesium, sodium sulphate and calcium carbonate that gave it a natural sparkle on opening the bottle.

Take away the water and the resultant dried salts would have been very much akin to the Western Salts we still feed our horses today and have been doing so since the Nez Persé Native Americans were seen doing so and they appeared in feed catalogues in Kansas about the turn of the last century referred to as “The Original Conditioner Mineral” – OCM.

An old advertisement for the Lynrock Water suggested it was the purest and most palatable natural table water in the world not equalled in any other natural mineral water.

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