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Why some injuries are more likely to result in Arthritis…

By 23/10/2014April 13th, 2017No Comments

When we see the dreadful damage to homes from disasters like Hurricane Irene or that caused by riots and flooding, we are invariably shown poor unfortunate victims desperately nailing up sheets of chipboard where windows and doors have been smashed. The repair materials seem suddenly to have been at hand but nothing could be further from the truth and the television does not tell you or show you the monumental efforts made to get just something to make a repair with and the weeks of strife that will ensue to institute more permanent repairs.

The same scenario can be likened to the joints of our horses whenever damage occurs which can be the result of a pleasant days hunting, competition or just tearing around the paddock. Running repairs have to be made and there is a pecking order for obtaining ‘the chipboard’ which in joint terms is Silicon which is involved in the processes by which bone, connective tissue and cartilage are formed. First of all it appears Osteoblasts, bone forming cells, have precedence, rather like the government or local authority and then Fibroblasts, fibre forming cells and then Chondroblasts, cartilage forming cells, which can mean that the repair of other tissues may be retarded especially during bone repair unless good levels of available Silicon is supplied in the diet. This is why some injuries are more likely to result in Arthritis occurring especially if they happen in the older animal. An answer is to choose EQUINOURISH as the horses regular feed balancer, its processed algae contents is high in the type of Silicon the horse’s body can use and if it’s a serious injury requiring boxrest and convalescence a spoonful of the new QC50 will really help offset joint degeneration in the future.

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